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The details of your real-world experiences are valuable. Use your data  to team up with brands & organizations that you support.

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Manage Your Data Sources

  • Data Sources, including your fitness tracker devices and apps, form the basis of your Lived Experience (LX) data.
  • DashLX analyzes and enriches your data, layering in context about nuance you experienced (weather, terrain, etc.).
  • Visit the Sources page in the DashLX app to manage which devices and services are linked to DashLX.
DashLX Data Sources

Manage Your Data Programs

DashLX Data Programs
  • You choose each connection, and the permissions for each connection.
  • Your control is granular, with options for each device and data program.
  • Team up with brands and organizations that care about you, provide you with value, and use your data to meet your personal needs.
My Data Programs

Manage Your Account

  • Going off the grid? Terminate any (or all) connections instantly, with the click of a button.
  • View and manage each in the Exchange. Click the Manage Permissions button to opt-out.
DashLX Account Management