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Pursue your passion for building inspiring systems and developing next generation technology.


Why DashLX

Join a team who develops software to help innovative organizations leverage Lived Experience (LX) data: the digital representation of what active people experience in the real world, sourced from wearable technologies.

We securely aggregate, analyse, and activate wearables data. Your work will help active consumers benefit from insights developed from their LX data.

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"Our cutting edge technology is reshaping how brands interact with consumers, building trust and  creating lasting relationships."

Adam Stepanovic, CEO

Life at DashLX.

What’s it like to work at DashLX

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We are pioneers: passionate, creative, disciplined, and motivated.
We are a team of innovators, disruptors, creators, and so much more. We are goal oriented, and many of us are athletes.
We know the importance of setting and pursuing goals, and the excitement of taking calculated risks to push what’s possible and to create what’s next.
We are a global team that trusts and cares for each other, our athletes, our partners, and the community.
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Benefits of working with DashLX

Work in the most challenging areas in your field
Expand your skill set and drive your career
Have an impact on a growing company and new market
Enjoy autonomy; enjoy your peers
Earn competitive compensation and benefits

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