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Learn how Lived Experience (LX) data and collaboration with DashLX have added value and made a real difference for innovative brands.



Harnessing Lived Experience (LX) data to ensure sharing content of maximum relevance, impact, and value.

Method Seven

Method Seven

Harnessing Lived Experience (LX) data to design high performance eyewear and help minimize the risk of UV light on runners.

Trail Runner

Trail Runner

Harnessing Lived Experience (LX) Data to ensure sharing content of maximum relevance, impact, and value.

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Brooks Logo

"Leveraging big data through DashLX has been enterprise transformational for our company. What we have now is a digital nervous system that enables fast decision making across the organization, driving extremely sticky relationships with our customers."

Pete Humphrey

"The DashLX data program links runner activity data directly with our R&D team, impacting the development of cutting edge technology."

James Cox

"Customer engagement is one of our key objectives and areas of focus, especially in a scalable, digital way. I've met dozens of companies that say they know how to do it, but I've only found one - DashLX - that I believe can actually do it."

Peter Ruppe
VP Product
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In this episode of The SaaS Brand Strategy Show, DashLX co-founder Adam Stepanovic relays the struggles and breakthroughs associated with defining and establishing the Lived Experience (LX) category, and how the work of DRMG assisted in that journey.

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Dustin Robertson & Mike Geraci
Founders and Producers

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