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Get to know your customers fully with the power of Lived Experience (LX).

Harnessing data from wearables to know what customers are interested in, where they do it, when they do it, and what they need from you.

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Lived Experience (LX) combats revenue leak, optimizes product innovations, and maximizes customer engagement.

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Lived Experience (LX) delivers results

Revenue Leak


Increase in purchase frequency

Customer Engagement


Increase in open rates


Increase in click-thru rates


Increase response  rates

Reduce Costs


Decrease in customer costs

Easily Integrate Powerful LX Data

Unlock the digital representation of people's daily activities, environments, and conditions all collected on GPS-enabled wearable devices.

Frictionless integration with existing processes and legacy systems.

See how Brooks used DashLX to customize communications and increase their email open rate by 26%
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