Product Overview

Supercharge how you understand and interact with your customers

Invite your customers to exchange their real-world data for the innovations and personalization you’ll develop with it

Individual Characteristics

Captures A/S/L, unique biomechanics, BMI, power, load, overexertion & recovery metrics, experience insights and more


Captures workout & activity variability & frequency, duration, distance, and more


Captures elevation / altitude / terrain / location / weather / time of day /  and more

Behavioral response

Captures workout & activity variability, seasonal fluctuations, power, heart rate metrics, consistency and more

Optimal Gear Recommendations

Delivers products that make sense, for the person, what they are doing, and where they are doing it and more

 Personalized Email Content

Delivers relevant and timely messages that the recipient will want to read and more

Live-Stream Market Researc

Delivers data in real time from real people in an unobtrusive and easily compliant fashion and more

Data Triggered Text Messages

Delivers highly specific, targeted and effective messages in real time guaranteed to engage and more

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Together, driving innovation and transformation

How You’ll Solve Your Customer’s Problems

Capture nuance

Develop a deep understanding of each unique individual, at scale

Accelerate momentum

Hit the ground running. Keep building your business, while we facilitate your data program

Earn trust

Invite consumers to join forces with you, and thank them with unmatched personalization

Maintain compliance

LX offers the most promising potential through the most ethical means: proceed with confidence, trust & peace of mind

3 steps to get started

Your source-of-truth digital nervous system

Harness the power of LX by inviting individuals to share their first party experience data

Launch your data program.

With a stated purpose, outcomes, and benefits

Invite individuals to connect.

Join up & exchange data for the stated benefits

Immediately leverage Lived Experience.

Use a rich understanding of today to improve tomorrow.

Product Specifics

Data Collection

Aggregate, normalize, augment, and harness LX data for your specific, time-bound initiative. Large scale data flow for your research study or event has never been easier.

Enduring Connection

Establish a live stream of LX data from your customers, with ongoing and perpetual access. Identify the signals in that data and directly activate them through integrations with CRM, CDP, and more.

Where does LX data come from?

We integrate with a wide range of data sources to create a unified view of each person’s Lived Experience: individual traits + activities & behaviors + the conditions and context in which they exist…all happening (and changing) over time.

LX comes from wearable devices, but also from phones, IOT sensors, wearable technology, APIs, and other data sources that contextualize the data coming directly from originating devices.


Devices & Data Sources

1. What devices are currently compatible with DashLX
2. What other data sources can contribute to LX
3. What devices and services will be available with DashLX in the future
Concerned? No need.

Data is only shared through the connections chosen

Your data is only shared through the connections you choose to make, with the permissions you choose to set.
Your control is granular, with options at the level of each individual device authorization and data sharing connection.
Going off the grid? Terminate any or all connections instantly, with the click of a button. Same goes for your DashLX Lab account.
Illustration showing concerns about using DashLX

Ready to get started?

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