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About Us

The team and vision of DashLX

Our History

Santa Cruz California, 2014

Ultra-marathoner, injured runner, and data wunderkind, Adam Stepanovic entered the office of Physical Therapist and Running Performance Specialist, Dr. Jeff Moreno. Frustrated by the traditional challenges of the medical establishment, the two discovered they shared  the notion of the importance of movement to our overall health and well being. The two hit it off, and while Adam got better, he was inspired to take a new look at how run activity data could be gathered and analyzed to enhance the training and overall well-being of athletes. Eureka! The two joined forces…and PWR Lab was founded. In 2022, our name was changed to DashLX.

Our Name: DashLX
to move with sudden speed
a small usually distinctive addition

Further inspiration

When all is said and done, the narrative of most people’s lives appears on their tombstone as two dates (birth & death) separated by a dash.  And that “dash” represents a full lifetime of lived experiences…the entirety of one’s presence and impact on earth. We are committed to optimizing people’s dash.


“LX” is the abbreviation we have created for Lived Experience: the digital representation of what active people actually experience in the real world, sourced from wearable technologies.

Optimal Gear Recommendations
Our Purpose

"To empower people's ability to thrive"

Behavioral response
Our Vision

"The data you generate maximizes your well-being"

"Data is dripping off us, capturing details of every second of every experience. And yet, people get nothing in return for that, brands are still guessing, market feedback / research is small scale and inefficient. We can use the details of today's LX to improve tomorrow's."

Adam Nash
Director of Product

Our Team

Jamey Boyett

Software Developer

Brad Calabro

Director of Finance

Emily Carano

Director of Customer Success

Yvette Gonzalez

Principal Data Scientist

Calvin Harper

Software Developer

Maria Lyven

Associate Product Manager

Andy Marx

Marketing Specialist

Jeff Moreno

Co-founder & Director of Human Performance

Adam Nash

Director of Product

Gerry Perez

Director of Growth

Travis Rochon

Customer Success Specialist

Stuart Sproule


Adam Stepanovic

Co-founder and CEO

John Williams